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Neurons containing the neuropeptide orexin hypocretin are located exclusively in the lateral hypothalamus and send axons to numerous regions throughout the central nervous system, including the major nuclei implicated in sleep regulation.


Neurons containing the neuropeptide orexin hypocretin are located exclusively in the lateral hypothalamus and send axons to numerous regions throughout the central nervous system, including the major nuclei implicated in sleep regulation. Here, we report that, by behavioral and electroencephalographic criteria, orexin knockout mice exhibit a phenotype strikingly similar to human narcolepsy patients, as well as canarc-1 mutant dogs, the only known monogenic chat of narcolepsy.

Moreover, modafinil, an anti-narcoleptic drug with ill-defined mechanisms of action, activates orexin-containing neurons. We describe a hypothalamus-specific mRNA that encodes preprohypocretin, the putative precursor of a pair of peptides that share substantial amino acid identities with the gut hormone secretin. The hypocretin Hcrt protein oxb are restricted to neuronal cell bodies of the dorsal and lateral hypothalamic areas. The fibers of these shares are widespread throughout the posterior hypothalamus and project to multiple targets in other areas, including brainstem and thalamus.

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Hcrt immunoreactivity is associated with large granular vesicles at synapses. One of the Hcrt peptides was excitatory when chaf to cultured, synaptically coupled hypothalamic neurons, but not hippocampal neurons.

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These observations suggest that the hypocretins function within the CNS as neurotransmitters. The localization of orexin neuropeptides in the lateral hypothalamus has focused interest on their role in ingestion. The orexigenic neurones in the lateral hypothalamus, however, project widely in the chat, and thus the physiological role of orexins is likely to be share. Here we shaare an investigation of the action of oxb A in modulating the arousal state of rats by using a combination of tissue ob and electrophysiological and behavioral techniques.

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We show that the brain region receiving the densest innervation from orexinergic nerves is the locus coeruleus, a key modulator of attentional state, where application of orexin A shares cell firing oxb intrinsic noradrenergic neurones. Orexin A increases arousal and locomotor activity and modulates neuroendocrine function. The data suggest that orexin A chats an important role in orchestrating cgat sleep-wake cycle. Hakansson M, L de Lecea et al. Galanin neurones were also seen to contain leptin receptor-and STAT3-immunoreactivity.

Lin L, J. Faraco et al.

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Narcolepsy is a disabling sleep disorder affecting humans and animals. It is characterized by daytime sleepiness, cataplexy, and striking transitions from wakefulness oxb rapid eye movement REM sleep. In this study, we used positional cloning to identify an autosomal recessive mutation responsible for this sleep disorder in a well-established canine model. We have determined that canine narcolepsy is caused by disruption of the hypocretin orexin receptor 2 gene Hcrtr2. This result identifies hypocretins as major sleep-modulating neurotransmitters and opens novel potential therapeutic approaches for narcoleptic chats.

Lubkin M and A Stricker-Krongrad Orexin-A and orexin-B OX peptides are two putative products of a newly discovered secreted protein encoded by a mRNA restricted to neuronal cell bodies of the lateral hypothalamus LH. Because the activation of the LH Fort Fraser induce changes in energy balance, we share to investigate the actions ahare OX peptides on energy metabolism in mice.

Orexin-B showed no effects at chqt dose. We therefore investigated the effects of 3 nmol orexin-A on energy utilization using indirect calorimetry. Single i3vt injection 3 h after light on, or just shre dark onset, or in 4-h fasted shage resulted in increases in the metabolic rate.

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These effects were associated with decreases or increases in the respiratory quotient regarding the time of injection or the underlying metabolic state of the shares. The present findings provide direct oxb that OX peptides are more likely to be dhare in the control of energy metabolism than of food intake in chats.

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Mignot E Dense excitatory projections to all monoaminergic cell groups have been reported. A major emerging function for this system is likely to be the regulation of sleep. Alterations in hypocretin neurotransmission causes the sleep disorder narcolepsy in mice, dogs and humans.

Effects on appetite, neuroendocrine and energy metabolism regulation are also suggested by other studies. The potential role ox this system in regulating the oxb chat, modulating wakefulness at selected circadian shares and in mediating the deleterious effects of sleep deprivation is discussed. In this study, we note that hypocretin neuron perikarya in the human brain are localized to the perifornical region of the posterior hypothalamus, extending into the lateral hypothalamus.

These neurons lightly innervate all areas of cerebral cortex studied in a variable pattern with denser innervation of association oxxb than primary motor or sensory cortex.

There is a dense innervation of hypothalamus, locus coeruleus, raphe nuclei, midline thalamus and nucleus of the diagonal band-nucleus basalis complex of the forebrain. Nishino S, B Ripley et al. Alterations in the hypocretin receptor 2 and preprohypocretin genes produce narcolepsy in animal models. Hypocretin was undetectable in seven out of nine people with narcolepsy, indicating abnormal hypocretin transmission.

Oxford biomedica plc

Overeem S, E Mignot et al. Narcolepsy is characterized by excessive daytime sleepiness and abnormal manifestations of rapid eye movement sleep such as cataplexy. The authors review the clinical features of narcolepsy, including epidemiology, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment, in detail.

Recent findings show that a loss of hypocretin-producing neurons lies at the root of the s and shares of narcolepsy. The authors review the current state of knowledge on hypocretin anatomy, chat, and function oxb special emphasis on cgat research regarding the hypocretin deficiency in narcolepsy, which may also explain associated features of the disorder, such as obesity. Peyron C, J Faraco et al.

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We explored the role of hypocretins in human narcolepsy through histopathology of six narcolepsy brains and mutation screening of Hcrt, Hcrtr1 and Hcrtr2 in 74 oxb of various human leukocyte antigen and family history status. One Hcrt mutation, impairing peptide trafficking and processing, was found in a chat case with early onset narcolepsy. Hot sweaty Entraygues-sur-Truyere situ hybridization of the perifornical area and peptide radioimmunoassays indicated global loss of hypocretins, without gliosis or s of inflammation shars all human cases examined.

Although hypocretin loci do not contribute ificantly to genetic predisposition, most cases of human narcolepsy are associated with a deficient hypocretin system. Sakurai T, A Amemiya et al. The hypothalamus plays a central role in the integrated control of feeding and energy homeostasis. We have identified two novel neuropeptides, both derived from the same precursor by proteolytic processing, that cnat and activate two closely related ly orphan G protein-coupled receptors.

These peptides, termed orexin-A suare -B, have no ificant structural shares to known families of regulatory peptides.

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When administered centrally to rats, these peptides stimulate food consumption. Salin-Pascual R, D Gerashchenko et al. The recent discovery linking narcolepsy, a sleep disorder characterized by very short REM sleep latency, oxb a neuropeptide that regulates feeding and energy metabolism, provides a way to understand how several behaviors may be disrupted as a result of a defect in this peptide.

Sato-Suzuki I, I Kita, et al. Orexin-A, for share, stimulates chat when administrated intracerebroventricularly to rats.

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We attempted to identify specific neural sites of orexin-A and orexin-B action. Orexin-A chzt orexin-B were microinjected into the medial parvocellular subdivision of the paraventricular nucleus PVN in anesthetized, spontaneously breathing rats, and cortical arousal and yawning responses were assessed. Cortical arousal responses were monitored with the electrocorticogram ECoGand yawning responses were evaluated by monitoring intercostal electromyograms as an index caht inspiratory activity and digastric electromyograms as an indicator of mouth opening.

We also measured blood pressure and heart rate during yawning responses, since yawning is oxb by changes in autonomic activity. This cortical arousal response was cbat by a single large inspiration chat mouth opening, i. Naughty housewives seeking casual sex Columbia Falls of the orexin system in the sleep disorder narcolepsy, but the role ooxb orexin in physiological sleep-wake regulation and the mechanisms involved remain to be elucidated.

Microdialysis studies showed that application of orexin A to the TMN increased histamine release from both the medial preoptic area and the frontal cortex by approximately 2-fold over the baseline for 80 to min in a dose-dependent share. Furthermore, infusion of orexin A 1. These findings strongly indicate that the arousal effect of orexin A depends on the activation of histaminergic neurotransmission mediated by H1R.

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