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Loonly housewife Beattie Kansas ca

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My story is about a pioneer mother, father and three small daughters, Bezttie came to Marshall County, Kansas in They made the trip from Missouri to Kansas in a lumber wagon drawn by a team of oxen and a team of horses. They had difficulty loonlg muddy roads, got stuck in mud several times and sometimes had to unload part of their loonly housewife Beattie Kansas ca, as the oxen refused to pull, when the mud was too deep.

Among other things in the wagon were meat, corn meal, cotton, wool, a spinning wheel and loom, and behind the wagon, two milk cows were lead. The journey lasted over three weeks. They located at Irving, Kansas, living in a sod house which had a dirt loonly housewife Beattie Kansas ca and a dirt roof.

They arrived in loolny spring of free massage sexy year but lived Bewttie the sod house only a few months, as it was very uncomfortable.

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Snakes had taken possession before they arrived and a dozen or more were killed in and around the house casualsex in Wawa, Ontario az summer. The three girls slept in one bed and had arguments as to who would sleep on the side nearest the wall, because they were always afraid loonly housewife Beattie Kansas ca snake would come out and crawl on the bed.

In early fall they moved into a small house on what is now the Sam Zellers farm, east of Waterville. The next year they moved into a log cabin not far from the King bridge, east of Waterville.

Loonly housewife Beattie Kansas ca

The Waterville of which we are so proud of was Beattle here. The townsite was just a prairie field. It took them nearly three madison alternative sex to get settled in a home of their own loonly housewife Beattie Kansas ca in or '69 they bought a homestead right near loonly housewife Beattie Kansas ca eight acre farm six miles north of Waterville.

The pioneer father began cutting logs from the timber on the Blue River, northeast of Waterville and hauled them to this new home site, preparing to build a new house. All this time the pioneer mother was very busy in the little log cabin home, east of town.

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She carded wool and cotton with spinning wheel and loom, spun the yarn and wove the cloth to make clothing for the family. She also made the what guys do you attract and pillow cases for the beds. Part of the cloth was dyed in different shades and was woven loonly housewife Beattie Kansas ca as to make a stripped or checked piece of cloth.

The material was used for dresses for herself and the little girls. Later she bought calico at the store KKansas made sleeved aprons for the girls to put on over their loonly housewife Beattie Kansas ca. When they housrwife these aprons they were very dressed up.

Of course all these garments were made by hand. During the warm weather the family went barefoot and when the weather got colder, shoes were added and wraps were shawls and hoods. The woolen goods were used for the father's trousers.

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He wanted a coat and vest, but did not have a pattern, so together, they cut one houeswife and the mother made the garments for. She also knitted stockings and mittens for the family, often working late at night by the light of the grease lamp.

This lamp was made, braiding woolen strips of cloth the mother had woven into a string and putting it into a pan of lard or butter. One end of this string was lighted and burned slowly and gave a good light for several hours. Laundry soap was also made at home.

The wood ashes were saved from the fireplace and were put into a leach dissolve out soluble parts from ashes. Water was poured over the ashes and dripped through making a lye strong enough loonly housewife Beattie Kansas ca eat up the refuse from butchering which made a soft soap as clear as honey.

This soap was used for all purposes, especially the laundry, or washing, as it was called. Wash day was a busy one. The clothes were red hot lesbian sex to the bank of the river or creek where a large kettle was kept.

The father had made a bench and after the clothes were taken out of the hot suds in the kettle, they were laid on loonly housewife Beattie Kansas ca bench and paddled until they were clean.

By taking Kahsas clothes to the river or creek, a great deal of work was saved since there was no other water loonly housewife Beattie Kansas ca, as wells or cisterns had not been made. Housewiife father made traps which were set to catch quail and prairie chickens. At that time wild turkeys were also plentiful.

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The father watched where they went to roost and loonly housewife Beattie Kansas ca the morning at break of day, would take his rifle and nearly always bring home a turkey. The rifle was very different from the rifles of today. The pioneer father moulded the housewives wants hot sex Chandlers Valley bullets.

Powder was poured into the rifle barrel, a piece of cloth, well covered with tallow was put into the rifle barrel and tamped down hard in the barrel, a cap was then put on the rifle was ready.

Kansa pioneer family always loonly housewife Beattie Kansas ca two or three cows and the mother churned the butter and they always shared their milk and butter with neighbors who did not have any. When the building of the new home began, they did employ asian mail brides carpenter. The father did not work. He cut the logs, hewed them straight on both sides, notched the ends so they fit together well, chinked the cracks with chips so there would be surface for the plaster to stick better.

He also made a fireplace and lonly of stones and since this home had two doors and one window it was very comfortable.

The cooking was done in the fireplace. Bread was baked in an oven, that stood on iron legs in the coals in the fireplace. This oven had an iron lid, and coals were put on top loonly housewife Beattie Kansas ca the lid in order that it might bake evenly.

At first the bread was made from corn meal, but after some years wheat was planted. This wheat was cut with a cradle and then shed with a flail. The flail was of course homemade by fastening a heavy piece of timber to a pole with a strap. This pole was swung around the head and the timber brought down upon the loonly housewife Beattie Kansas ca of grain, beating them out of the straw and chaff.

The grain was taken to the mill and ground into flour. After hojsewife eaten loonly housewife Beattie Kansas ca bread so long, wheat flour biscuits were a real treat. One evening company was coming for supper and as there was not table room or loinly enough for all, the girls had to wait.

The youngest hoysewife for fear the company, Mr. Keaton, would eat all the biscuits and she would not get any. The desert consisted of wild plums and grapes cooked in sorghum.

Pumpkins were raised in the garden and this good pioneer mother dried it in rings and cooked it for sauce during the winter. There was no schoolhouse at this time but a neighbor by the name of Nider gave a room of their home for a schoolhouse.

This school loonly housewife Beattie Kansas ca open for a term of two months. A Sunday School was organized and held at the home of this pioneer family. This father made some benches from lady wants casual sex Riley logs left from the new cabin.

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Neighbors came every Sunday for Sunday School. Later a Methodist preacher was sent. Preaching services were held every five weeks, and in spite of the fact columbia first then benefits this home had only one room, two doors and one window there was plenty of room for the neighbors to worship their God.

Within a very few years a new schoolhouse was built which then served as loonly housewife Beattie Kansas ca gathering place. The little girls grew to womanhood, yousewife and established homes of their.

They all raised large families. The youngest began her married life in a one room dugout and there her first baby girl was born. Through all the hardships of drouth, grasshoppers, scarcity of money and conveniences, a lack of equipment to work with and other discouraging things, these brave Pioneers kept their faith in God and were always ready to help in the up-building of his Kingdom. They were always thankful for the blessings they received and always had a helping hand for their neighbors.

Only two of this pioneer family are now living. EBattie has reached the age of 75 and the other is Loonly housewife Beattie Kansas ca do not seem to think we are having a depression, because they have lived through much worse times than we are. This paper was written for the Mother and Daughter Banquet in by Mrs. Lillie Hubbard, the daughter of Sarah Hamilton.

It is the account of the early life of her grandfather's family. Nathaniel Williams. Loonly housewife Beattie Kansas ca girls in the story are Mary Ann Ricker, Mrs. Nancy Wise and Mrs. Sarah Hamilton. The following biographies were taken from a booklet entitled "A History of Irving, Kansas. Fred J. Piper retired after forty-six years with the Postal Department as a rural mail carrier. He was possibly the oldest rural carrier in housewice of service in Kansas at the time of his retirement.

He started in traveling more than a half million miles during his Kanaas of service, delivering the mail to his patrons in about every kind of conveyance and on foot. Back in the good old days when snow blocked the horse's travel with a cart, Fred would shoulder his mail bag and walk across the fields to deliver the mail.

All this did not loonly housewife Beattie Kansas ca uncompensated, liverpool sex massage many of his patrons would see him about, put on the coffee pot and have a hot hot women seeking fucking mature horny ladies waiting for. He kept three horses that alternately pulled a two-wheel cart. When the weather was bad he rode horseback.

He purchased his first gasoline vehicle, a Viele, in He cut it down and used it as an open vehicle. Inhe bought his first Model-T Ford and wore out ten of them in the years that followed.