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Lets see if we can be friends I Looking Real Sex

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Lets see if we can be friends

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Please have your own place, car, and be willing to share yougf with me. You offered me a reward for changing you tire m4w I refused because I saw your ring but now I can't cann thinking about what I missed out on and how stupid I. Now I am back and seeking for my friend.

Age: 52
Relationship Status: Not married
Seeking: I Wanting Dating
City: Omaha, NE
Hair: Blonde
Relation Type: Senior Ladies Seeking Uk Dating Websites

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Top definition. This line is usually used by a girl who says that she has to be friends before getting involved but if the right guy comes in, everything else gets thrown out the door.

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Listen, I really like youbut lets be friends first because i never date a guy who i dont know. In a dating relationship, this is where one of the party involved means one or fuck matures in 37075 of the following: I don't want to date you anymore 2. I am interested in dating someone else 3.

I am already dating someone else, and I need to lose your sorry ass. Doublespeak for "I don't want to be friends, in fact, it would probobly be best if we never spoke or saw each other ever again".

What you hear instead of "lets just go on with ourselves" or "i can't fucking stand you anymore ". Yeahyou're a relly great guy, smart, funny, rich, cute, blah blah. I know we've dated for 5 years, but i think we should break up.

For good. Never to date again under any circumstances. Lets Be Friends unknown.

Most commonly this leads to severe emotional trauma lest the victim, and will lead him into a state of depression for several days. What a woman often says after a man has expressed his true love for.

It's a polite way for a woman to say "I don't like you". She doesn't want to remain friends -- it's just a throwaway line to make the guy feel a bit better than a piece of shit.

Cathydo you love me as much as I love you? John, let's just be friends.

OK, that means I will have to kill. Something that is extremely painful, and also happens to girls.

The worst excuse for a break-up known to the world today. This is commonly used when the person in question has no legitimate reason to break up with you, as it will usually stun you so much that you will he unable to ask for an explination.

Also, in many opinions, a cuntish thing to. Can we just be friends?

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