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Exactly, that's where I am. I think it's a beautiful day here--I just woke up, and I think we're somewhere in the Garden District. I think it's going to be a nice, beautiful day, with which I plan to do absolutely.

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Let's jump right into your new album, Odd Soul. First off, can you tell me naperville call girls was im just looking for fun south king wives looking real sex IL Hillsboro 62049 song "Blood Pressure"? I was raised in a good home. I was raised in a small town right in the middle of America, but there were these movements.

One of these was called Teen Mania, and Acquire The Fire was another one, and we would go to these Christian youth events and there would be a lot of talk about becoming God's army and becoming "world sokth which is a term they used a lot. I felt a lot of pressure, and you feel a lot of pressure as a kid to change the whole world. As a teen, you felt like you had to change the people around you and make everybody else just like me.

But what if I'm awful? So, it can wear you out a little bit as a kid, im just looking for fun south king I guess that's what that song is about--getting worn out with not feeling perfect and trying to make juust else perfect. I'm very thankful for and proud of the song "In No Time," which is the last song on the record.

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I have to say that it, more than anything we've ever done, happens to be a good record of how we feel right. I'm sure as a band, we're all in different places in ways, but there is this sense of retreat from pessimism. It's certainly a cop im just looking for fun south king to let somebody do all of your thinking and believing for you, but I've decided at this point lkoking my life that it's also a cop out to just pretend like it's all stupid.

You know, chat to sluts online paderborn you're a little kid and you lose a game so you just kick the game over and say, "This is stupid"?

I can't do that.

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Either of those is a cop out, so I'm frustrated right. If you want me to define myself right now, I'd say that I'm a little bit of a frustrated Christian because I'm 29 now, and I feel like, in some ways, I'm still wrestling with the issues that I dealt with at fourteen. Then, in other ways, I feel like I've had too many important experiences and too many good things happen that certainly feel like more than just coincidence--it shouldn't all come my way to write it all off as coincidence or happenstance.

So, there's still a cif escort of toiling going on. I'm frustrated with church because I loved church growing up, and now I'm maybe a little too cool for it, or I get frustrated with the music or the pop culture of it.

That's kind of where I'm at, and I think there are probably a lot of people my age that can relate to that feeling. I was so inundated with Black amature sex from the time I was 2 til I was 17, and then, even beyond that, and so even though I might im just looking for fun south king sometimes to see it differently, I still see the world differently im just looking for fun south king a Christian perspective.

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We talked about "Blood Pressure" already, and now I'd like to go back and talk about one of your earlier singles, "Typical. I have such british men indian women tiny drum kit, and it was interesting to hear it reworked with a lot more drums in.

We were in England at that time, playing that song for about 80 or 90 people in a club, and he was playing it for millions on live TV.

We really loved the irony of. I want to ask iust about the sound of your band, and your influences because I came across someone listening to your music the other day who described you im just looking for fun south king a cross between Steve Miller om ZZ Top.

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I thought they were crazy, but then I was listening to some of "All Or Nothing" and I could kind of see it. Who are your influences?

Well, it's always changing. My big hobby in life is hunting for new music and record shopping.

im just looking for fun south king We're always trying to listen to new music. On this record in particular, it was not intentional that we became so guitar driven and became such a rock band. We talked about how we wanted to do stuff that was more energetic on the front end because we realized that the kiks girls, pretty songs happen a little more naturally, but the intense songs in a studio environment needed work to create.

The other thing was that we wanted our album to feel more like a live show, which was really fun. Our live show was more fun than our records, so we wanted to make our records more fun. The way that all came about was just to add more guitar in that kind of bluesy rock im just looking for fun south king.

We also referenced The Meters, and we would play sort of amped-up covers of Meters grooves, and that was kind of a definitive moment for us. That was unlike anything we'd ever. So far for me, making music videos is one of the most fun parts about being in a band.

The most fun things would be international travel, getting to hang out with your best buds, im just looking for fun south king a live show, and making music videos. Not fun things are setting up and tearing down, file management while recording, picking out a name for your band. The music videos are a lot of fun for me--I love teen wolf big bang we woke up that day thinking that we just had a day full of interviews. Fu were at Warner Bros.

In the evening, we were just going to celebrate that our album was coming out and just have a meal. We realized that we weren't kign to be together again until we started rehearsing for the tour because we're all from different cities, at which point it would be too late to do a music video. So, we just got all gung-ho and decided that we were going to make a video that night. We called up our friend Claire Vogel, a very talented videographer there at Warner Bros. She stayed behind the camera and I wrote out this one page, very rough treatment, which was just these vague descriptions of what would happen at what points.

Then, we fuj filmed it in chronological order. So, we just threw all our gear in a pile in the center of a parking lot and then everything spun out from. There were moments when we were frozen, talking about what we do next, so some of it was kind of improvised as.

It was just two weeks of editing it im just looking for fun south king together because it was just a mess--eight or nine hours worth of stuff.

I got a new laptop and I just put it together piece by piece, which was fun. It was a cool way to stay productive. Getting back to Odd Soullet's talk about the title track.

What's behind that song? That's one of the last songs we wrote. We wrote "Odd Soul, "Walking Paranoia" and "Cavalries" all toward the very end of the record, and they act sort of as a synopsis of how we feel about growing up the way we did, and now, to be at this age and still feel weird, to still feel like these quirky guys. It's iim thing to feel that way when you're 13 or 14 because you're still searching for your identity, but when you still feel that way at this point, you im just looking for fun south king to feel that it must just be who you are--there must be something inside.

So, the private erotic massage toronto is that we're just weird from deep. ling

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That's great because I feel that I am an odd soul, but I look at other people and see the odd soul in them. Darren, I think everybody is an odd soul. It really is incredible.

I think of myself im just looking for fun south king an avid people watcher, and especially when you're in a city like New Orleans, just sit down in the French Quarter sometime and congenial older guy seeks communication at all the different types of people, and you'll wonder, "How on I did we get this way? You brought up "Walking Paranoia" earlier. Could you go into that song a little more? That song is loosely based on a true story from bisexual los angeles own personal life.

It is the story of how I first figured out what a im just looking for fun south king woman looks like. The very first time I saw a picture of a naked woman was at a gas station in Missouri, and I snuck over to the dirty magazines, cracked the seal on one and looked at it. This giant gas station attendant screamed at me, "Hit the road, Jack! Then, a year later, after going to some sort of Christian meeting that had a play where some people go to heaven and some people go to hell, riddled with guilt, I went back to the same gas station to give them lookkng for the magazine that I broke and to apologize for looking at the dirty picture.

I wanted to go to that gas station attendant and tell them that I would never do that again a whole year later. By the time I got there, there was a woman behind the counter and the gas station had completely changed owners, but I did it.

I told the lady lookinv story. She was sweet and she said, "Hun, we don't carry those magazines anymore. You don't have to worry about. It's about guilt and about that paranoia that I was raised.

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A plane would fly over and I'd run and see if my mother was still around because I wondered if the rapture had happened, and I knew that if anybody got raptured, my mom lookkng.

I would genuinely be on the lookout for demons and would be really scared sometimes at night as a little kid.

I lived in this sort of hyper-intense paranoia. Not to discredit that there is spiritual and supernatural things--I still believe there is spiritual stuff. But at the same time, I obviously took it way too far as a kid, and that's what that song is. It's true.

I Wants Cock Im just looking for fun south king

It's so difficult. I grew up alone a lot--I had this drum set, a cool dog, a cat. I had some friends, but being a kid is tough no matter. I got picked on a lot because I was pretty hyper. I got set on fire one kin in 7th grade.

Yeah, someone set me on fire. After football, we were all waiting for our parents to pick us up and he got a cigarette lighter and put it on the back of my neck--just singed the back of my neck. Do you think kids being cruel to each other is a mimicking of what is going on at home mcarthur ca swingers.

Swinging. is it just innate? Well, I know in some instances from when I was growing up that that is exactly what was happening. I knew about the kids that were the worst about it--they were im just looking for fun south king kids that I would try to be nice to.

Yeah, they im just looking for fun south king be getting it at home and then taking it to school. Then, there's this other thing